If your business processes payments, meeting and maintaining PCI DSS compliance is crucial.

Many organisations believe they are compliant by removing elements of the transactional process from logs or databases. However the need to correctly apply software updates and ensure data cannot be siphoned, by employees or hackers, is often excluded from any internal processes.

Some key questions to evaluate when analysing your PCI DSS compliance;

  • Are your employees asking for card details over the telephone?
  • Can you ensure data is not written down or entered into a separate programme?
  • Can you ensure that photographs or screenshots of transactional data are not taken?
  • Are DTMF tones played to employees?
  • Are you able to fully maintain the PCI DSS standard and keep card details secure?

If just one of these questions is negative then descoping your company from the requirements of PCI DSS, whilst gaining access to a fully accredited (Level 1) card processing service, is a must for your business.

What we offer

Our hosted telephony and card processing platform has an accredited Level One certification for PCI DSS compliance with security at the core of everything we do. We have expert knowledge in the field of telecommunications, card processing, PCI DSS and back office services with over 75 years of combined experience within our Senior Team alone.

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Why choose PCI Telecom?

Our extensive knowledge of both card processing and telephony make us a highly effective partner for any company wishing to descope their PCI DSS responsibilities. We deliver solutions for SMEs and Public Sector organisations right through to Large Corporates and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and high levels of customer service.

  • Efficient design management for telephony and card integration
  • Unrivalled customer service with dedicated Account Management
  • Low-capital investment and affordable monthly license fees
  • Real-time card and telephony logs with instant refund and re-processing functionality
  • No charge for declined or refunded payments

We deliver solutions for SMEs and Public Sector organisations right through to Large Corporates. We are currently working within the transport, financial, hospitality, contact centre and public sector industries.

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What happens if we don’t comply with PCI DSS?

Failure to meet the standard leaves you with potential fines of up to £50,000 per infringement. Your business could be identified as having suffered a breach of card and customer data or be reported to PCI SSC, by any number of stakeholders, leading to an invasive forensic investigation into your compliance.

You will be liable for the full cost of a forensic investigation (often running into thousands of pounds) should you be found to have fallen short of PCI DSS or had an actual data breach. As well as the damage this causes to your reputation, the financial costs are significant, with many non-compliant merchants going into liquidation. Worse still, if the investigation finds a serious breach, your business could be barred from the card acceptance programme altogether.