2015 Information security breaches survey from PwC highlights the importance of protecting your business from data breaches

This years’ survey undertaken by PwC has revealed that 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses have suffered a security breach; an increase compared with figures of 81% and 60% in 2014 respectively. The average cost of a security breach to a large organisation has almost tripled, costing between £1.46m – £3.14m on average, in comparison to £600k – £1.15m a year ago.

Alarmingly, three quarters of large organisations suffered a staff-related security breach in the last year, compared with 58% a year ago, highlighting that staff cannot always be relied upon for the protection of important data. When questioned further about this, half of all organisations admitted that these breaches were caused by human error.

One way in which staff-related security breaches can be reduced is to protect them from accessing company data in the first place. Our PCI compliant solutions allow for your employees to take payments from customers without the employees viewing or storing any of the card information. For more information on how this can help, call us on 0330 022 0660 or download our brochure here.

You can also download the full figures from PwC here.