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Does your payment gateway reflect the quality of your products?

We’ve all been there. You find the perfect product or a super service and you commit to making the purchase, only to be connected to a clunky, frustrating and disappointing payment process. It impacts your experience as the customer and makes you question the value and quality of your purchase. As a business, it’s important […]

Global reach: accepting card payments from anywhere in the world

Expanding a business is a daunting prospect for any business owner, especially when it involves crossing borders into new territories and target audiences. The good news is that with developments in technology, widening your reach and accepting international card payments is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Card-not-present transactions, wherever they take […]

Add convenience and improve productivity with Link Payments

Here at PCI Telecom, we’re always looking at ways to improve our clients’ operations as well as their customers’ experience. The most recent solution added to our suite of payment gateway products is Link Payments, combining the use of both phone and online technology to send customers a secure web link that can be used […]

Our transition from Payment Service to Payment Gateway Provider

We’ve been going through a period of change here at PCI Telecom, developing the business to create stronger, more robust payment solutions for our existing and future clients. Since our acquisition of RealCredit, we’ve adapted our services to become a Payment Gateway Provider (PGP). What does this mean? We will continue to deliver bespoke card […]

The new PCI DSS v4.0 has arrived

31 March saw the long-awaited launch of PCI Data Security Standard v4.0. Having been developed over the last few years, with much collaboration with members of the card payment industry, the launch of the new standards was delayed from autumn last year due to the pandemic. A lot has changed since the original standards were […]

The rise of biometric authentication

The use of biometrics in the authentication of payments has become noticeably more common over recent years. A study carried out by Juniper Research in 2021 found that the use of biometrics is expected to grow to over $3 trillion worth of transactions by 2025, driven by new legislation such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) […]

How can businesses bolster their cyber security?

Recent instability in Europe has brought with it the increased threat of cybercrime that has resulted in the UK government advising many businesses to step up their cyber security measures as a precautionary measure. With that in mind, we take a look at steps that businesses can take to protect themselves and their customers. Understand […]

SCA enforcement deadline fast approaching

The enforcement date for the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the UK is coming up very soon – 14 March 2022. By this date, which was delayed from last year due to coronavirus, all payments made online will need to comply with the new set of rules, introduced as part of the EU […]

What have we learned about card payments in 2021?

It’s been another challenging year for businesses, compounded by on/off lockdowns and travel restrictions as well as working-from-home advice, the implications from which have led to substantial changes in working practices and consumer behaviour. So, what have we learned from our experiences in 2021 and what can we take forward as we move into the […]

NEWS: It’s now possible to integrate our solutions with Stripe

Here at PCI Telecom we’ve recently updated our solutions to become fully integrable with Stripe. This means that our customers can now benefit from our fully PCI compliant card payment gateway working alongside Stripe’s unique processing services. What this means for your business Our multi-channel payment gateway solutions enable you to accept card payments online, […]

MOTO payments and PCI compliance: in-scope vs descope

MOTO payments continue to be an essential piece of the card payment landscape, with around half a billion MOTO payments processed in the UK each year. For many businesses, particularly retailers and food outlets, MOTO payments offer an essential alternative to online channels, enabling more customers to access their products and services. Despite the continued […]

Too early to mention Christmas?

If you’re a retailer, you’ll no doubt have begun planning your Christmas sales period. For many, the busiest time of year requires months of organisation to ensure that products and stock are ready and teams fully prepared. But what about your card payment processing? The number of card-not-present (or CNP) transactions has been on the […]

The dos and don’ts of PCI DSS compliance

Despite being introduced nearly 15 years ago, PCI DSS, for many businesses, continues to be clouded in mystery and confusion. A lack of time and resources, paired with limited understanding of cybercrime and the risks associated with a data breach, mean that many business owners and managers have chosen to bury their head in the […]

Could PCI Webchat be the missing piece of your card payment puzzle?

Are you looking for ways to expand your reach to customers without having to invest heavily in equipment or extra resources? Or maybe you’re considering ways to maintain customer engagement when your staff are mixing office and remote working? Whatever your current conundrum, PCI Webchat could be the solution that you’re looking for. The development […]

Could IVR technology support changes to your post-Covid business operations?

In the post-Covid context, many businesses are looking at how to manage operations, juggling staffing schedules and hybrid office/remote working practices. We’ve noticed an upsurge of interest in our IVR solutions recently, with businesses searching for more automated systems to help them adapt to these new work patterns, while also reducing costs and providing more […]

Worried about the cost of PCI compliance?

In these challenging times many businesses will be looking to cut costs where possible, putting planned expenditure on the back burner and tightening future budgets until Covid disruption blows over. We know that card payment security and PCI compliance aren’t always at the forefront of minds and therefore have the potential to be on the […]