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New PCI SSC guidelines for taking card payments over the phone

A revised supplementary guidance document entitled ‘Protecting Telephone-Based Payment Card Data’* was issued in November by PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council), providing additional advice for businesses on taking payments over the telephone, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and ensuring that cardholder data is kept secure during every transaction. The document, that […]

Are you ready for shopping season? How improving your card payment process can boost your business this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and in the lead up to Christmas.

The shopping season will very soon be upon us when shoppers go crazy for a bargain on Black Friday and hunt frantically for the perfect gifts for Christmas. How a business handles this increase in trade can take some planning, ensuring your systems are ready for the rise in demand to keep the business going […]

For today’s consumer, card payment convenience is key

Did you know that there are still three million businesses in the UK that don’t accept payment by credit card? A risky decision when the recent study also showed that one in six British shoppers now choose only to pay by card*. While making it easier for your customers to pay is an obvious way […]

Is human error putting your small business at risk?

According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), reported data security incidents rose significantly in the final quarter, Jan-Mar, of the 2017/18 financial year, up 17% from the previous quarter with the five most common causes put down to human error. While some of this increase could be related to greater consumer awareness of data protection […]

IVR Payments: are the benefits passing you by?

If you haven’t considered installing an IVR payments system before then now might be the time. As a business owner or manager, you’ll often be faced with the challenging task of sourcing ways to increase productivity and cut costs while maintaining the same high standard of service for your customers. If you haven’t done so […]

Is going back to basics the best way to tackle PCI DSS and GDPR?

With PCI DSS 3.2 now in place plus the forthcoming introduction of GDPR legislation next month, businesses are finding their focus is being forced to shift ever more towards the security of customer data.  For many businesses, the road to compliance can appear daunting and costly. So what is the best way to tackle these […]

Who has responsibility for your business’s PCI DSS compliance?

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets out that every company should have a designated individual overseeing data protection – not in terms of deciding what data to store, but ensuring that procedures and policies are in place and knowing what to do should a breach occur. And the same goes for PCI […]

Two years in. What do our customers say about us?

From the very beginning, we knew that there was a gap in the market to offer small and medium sized businesses a solution to their card payment processing needs that would at the same time address their PCI DSS compliance obligations. Having just celebrated our second birthday, we thought we’d take the time to look […]

Review your card payment processes in Cyber Security Month 2017

October sees the 5th anniversary of European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), the EU’s awareness campaign that takes place each year across Europe. The aim is to “raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and organisations; and provide resources to protect themselves online, through education and sharing of good practices.” (www.cybersecuritymonth.eu) Week […]

Hosted vs physical phone systems. What are the benefits of moving away from fixed phone lines to a hosted phone solution?

As technology continues to move to cloud-based software, so is that of business phone lines with less reliance on physical phone systems and more requirements for hosted telephony solutions. Hosted phone systems differ from the traditional fixed phone line as they are hosted on an external server and entirely managed offsite with no need for […]

Five ways to beat the competition!

How a hosted telephony solution can give you an advantage over your rivals What differentiates you from your competitors? Every company needs a competitive edge to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And with consumers more willing to shop around, it’s important to look at all the ways in which you can gain an advantage. […]

What does PCI DSS compliance mean for a start-ups?

PCI DSS compliance regulations apply to any business that store payment card data and process card transactions be it over the phone or online. In modern enterprise, this encompasses a lot of businesses. But what does PCI DSS compliance mean for start-ups? And what can they do to ensure that they reach the appropriate compliance […]

What is an automated IVR and how will it remove your PCI DSS risk?

If you’re a business owner looking to replace your call-answering system, then there’s a chance that you sometimes feel flummoxed by the options out there and daunted by finding the right system to suit your business operations.  An automated IVR solution will probably be something you’ve looked at, but what is it? And could it […]