What are the benefits of omnichannel payment solutions?

As a business, it can often feel like you’re on a treadmill when keeping up with the latest in consumer trends and technological developments. The last decade has seen more changes in consumer behaviour than ever before; how they access your products and services and also how they pay for them. So how do you make sure you meet these needs while maintaining a good standard of customer service? One way is to opt for an omnichannel payments solutions provider. Here, we look at the key advantages that these can bring.

Offer a consistent, seamless customer experience

Obviously catering for a broader spectrum of payment preferences, across multiple platforms, brings benefits in terms of reaching more customers. But there are other reasons why it is more advantageous to choose an omnichannel solution to do this, namely improving the customer experience and earning a good reputation amongst your target audience. It is easier to implement a good quality, consistent customer journey using one solution rather than trying to manage many.  Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to seamless service provision and this consistency is key to building brand recognition and ultimately brand loyalty moving forward.

Streamline the payment process and improve integration with back-end systems

It isn’t just the customer’s experience that improves with an omnichannel payment solution. For the business, using one system to handle and process sales transactions, streamlines the whole payment function, generating a wealth of benefits. This includes all-in-one reporting to simplify accounting and reconciliation as well as easy monitoring of sales and stock levels. In addition to this, an omnichannel solution enables you to gather and map your customers’ buying behaviours across all platforms, generating invaluable data that gives you a greater understanding of how they interact with your business and opening up opportunities to develop more effective sales strategies and targeted marketing activities.

Save money and boost productivity

Investing in one solution that works across all platforms, rather than multiple systems to manage each payment channel, saves money in the long run – requiring fewer updates and lower maintenance costs. Plus, with fewer hours spent managing multiple payment strands and suppliers, you and your teams can invest more time focussing on developing the business and delivering your service.

Simplify your PCI DSS compliance

Crucially, having one omnichannel payment solution removes the complexities of PCI DSS and other compliance obligations. With only one system being in-scope rather than many, you save time and resources to redeploy elsewhere in the business.


At PCI Telecom, we create bespoke card payment processing solutions for multiple channels including over the phone to a live agent, IVR, online and via webchat. Our cloud-based solutions are affordable, simple to install, easy to use and integrate seamlessly with your phone system as well as other areas of the business. They are accredited with PCI DSS Level 1 standard so you don’t have to worry about compliance – we take that on so that you can focus on your day job. For more information, visit the Solutions page or get in touch to talk through your requirements.