Is it time to start accepting American Express?

Are you excluding customers because of their preferred payment method? Is it time to start accepting American Express?

Many of us know that using American Express as a method of payment at businesses across the UK and the world has been notoriously hit and miss in the past. Put off by high transaction fees, many merchants chose to reject payments via Amex, opting to limit payments to the more preferred card schemes of Visa and Mastercard.

According to statistics from The Nilson Report (July 2018)*, American Express was used in 4% of purchases made in Europe last year compared to 62% by Visa and 34% by Mastercard. But this is changing. As of March, American Express reduced their transaction fees, bringing them more in line with their competing credit card companies with a knock-on effect of many brands now accepting Amex and in turn leading to many consumers opting to use it as their principle method of payment. So is it time for you to start accepting American Express too?

For today’s consumers, having their preferred payment card refused at the point of sale is frustrating and will ultimately push them to spend at a competing business. Being able to offer a wide variety of payment methods is therefore an obvious win for businesses to attract more customers. But, especially for smaller businesses, this isn’t always easy to set up or maintain.

That’s why, we made sure that our credit card payment solutions have the functionality to process all the major card brands, including American Express, so that you can offer accessibility and flexibility to all potential customers. We offer full integration with all the major UK banks; Sage Pay, Worldpay, JCB and Discover cards (which include Diners Club International). Our systems work with multiple currencies with specialism in Sterling (£), Euro (є) and US Dollar ($).

Our card payment solutions are created specifically to suit the needs of your business, offering a seamless, secure payment experience whether the transaction is made over the phone or online. The systems are easy to set up, simple to use and affordable for businesses on a budget. They’re also PCI compliant with Level 1 accreditation so that you descope from your PCI DSS obligations freeing up more time for you to focus on delivering your core business.

Don’t let lesser-used methods of payment be a sticking point for your business. Visit our Solutions page for more information or contact us to talk through your needs.

And don’t forget, you can see us next year on stand no. 876 at the Call & Contact Centre Expo, 27-28 March at Excel London. Come along to meet the team, find out more about us and see our card payment solutions in action.


The Nilson Report, July 2018 ‘Europe Market Shares of Purchase Volume 2017’