Call & Contact Centre Expo PCI Telecom exhibition stand

What we learnt at last month’s Call & Contact Centre Expo

Last month saw us dipping our toes for the first time into the world of exhibitions, showcasing our products at the Call & Contact Centre Expo at Excel London. It proved to be a very positive experience for us, meeting many potential clients as well as other card payment solution providers, and gave us a great insight into the challenges facing businesses in ensuring their card payment processes are efficient and secure and in line with ever-changing compliance obligations. Here’s a little bit of what we learnt over the two days:

  1. As we’ve suspected for a while, we are filling a gap in the market in delivering PCI compliant card payment solutions targeted specifically towards the needs of SMEs. We know that for many small and medium sized businesses, with fewer resources to hand than their larger corporate counterparts, providing an affordable solution that is efficient at processing payments while integrating with existing systems such as the phone network and accounting software is vital.
  2. Businesses are well aware of the risk of not complying with PCI DSS and are keen to address it. However, we met many that are unsure what is required and feel daunted by the process of achieving compliance, leading to concerns that this confusion could be exploited and result in the investment in software and processes that don’t work for their business. They are keen to work with suppliers that offer bespoke customer service and deliver solutions that meet all of their needs and tick all the boxes when it comes to complying with PCI DSS and broader data protection regulations.
  3. Businesses want a solution that is easy to use and simple to install without the need for expensive pieces of equipment or extensive training required for staff to use it effectively. Simplicity is key.

Can we help your business?

Our PCI compliant card payment processing solutions are:

  • Affordable
  • Simple to install
  • Cloud-based (so no need for the installation of new equipment)
  • Easy to use
  • PCI compliant with Level 1 accreditation

They are created from scratch to suit the needs of your business, integrating seamlessly with other areas of the business and are robust against the threat of cyber attack and the risk of data breach. If you would like to know more about our solutions, be it for payments made over the phone or online, visit our Solutions page or contact us here.