NEWS: It’s now possible to integrate our solutions with Stripe

Here at PCI Telecom we’ve recently updated our solutions to become fully integrable with Stripe. This means that our customers can now benefit from our fully PCI compliant card payment gateway working alongside Stripe’s unique processing services.

What this means for your business

Our multi-channel payment gateway solutions enable you to accept card payments online, over the phone to a call handler and/or via an IVR. Your customers simply input their card details into our secure system that encrypts the information as it is entered so that at no point is it visible to either an operator or a member of staff behind the scenes, making the process fully compliant with the very latest PCI DSS. From then, our gateway solution speaks directly and seamlessly to a PSP (Payment Service Provider) that processes the payment and arranges funds to be moved to a merchant account that can then be transferred to your business. The difference with Stripe is that no separate merchant account is required – they approve the payment, handle the communication with the issuing bank and move the funds from their account to yours – saving you time and resources on unnecessary admin.

There are many benefits to combining our solutions with the service provided by Stripe, not least the simplicity of the set-up process. All of our payment gateway services are created on a bespoke basis to meet the needs of your business and added to that, have the ability to integrate with other back end systems such as accounting software and CRM databases. Combining our services with those of Stripe will deliver an effective card payment solution that requires very little time or effort to manage while ensuring a consistent delivery of high level customer service and end to end security.

You can visit our Solutions page to find out more, or alternatively, if you’d prefer to talk through your requirements, you can contact us here. We’d love to hear from you.

Find out more about the service provided by Stripe here