Cost effective PCI DSS solutions for small businesses

The hidden costs of running a small business. Don’t let card payment processing be one of them

There’s always more to setting up a small business than you think. Whether it’s unexpected legal fees, higher-than-you-thought tax obligations or data security and compliance costs that you didn’t know existed, at a time when you’re trying to get a business off the ground and cash flow is low and irregular, you could do without the surprises.

So what can you do to avoid these hidden costs? Well, for starters, finding services that are targeted at small businesses will help and this includes card payment processing and PCI DSS compliance provision.

We know from what our clients have told us, that finding a supplier of card processing solutions that suit a small business can be challenging. Many of the larger providers are interested only in dealing with larger companies with 100+ operators or with a contact centre. They offer very little in the way of a bespoke system, supplying only off-the-shelf products at corporate prices with often high licensing and transaction costs.

What is the alternative?

Here at PCI Telecom, we have created a card processing system that is low in price and can be adapted to suit the needs of your business, whatever its size and type. Our PCI Agent TFR solution is a revolutionary product for SME’s with up to 100 operators with benefits including a really simple set-up and the ability to keep your existing phone numbers.  It is cloud-based so no need for the installation of intrusive equipment on-site and callers are able to input their card details into a safe, secure and PCI compliant environment without the need to be cut off or transferred into a different system.

And unlike our competitors, it won’t cost you the earth and you’ll know all the charges right up front so no nasty unwanted surprises hiding round the corner. Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved:

  • A one-off set up price – we’ll create a card payment processing system that does EXACTLY what YOU want it to including integrating with other areas of your business, such as stock monitoring and accounts. And it’s easily adaptable whenever you need to make changes.
  • Monthly rental cost – a pre-agreed ongoing cost for us to host the system on our cloud. Again, this can be flexible and amended to an annual cost if it suits you better.
  • Operator licenses – this can be as many or as few as you wish and can be adapted as your business increases in size.
  • The price per transaction – again, there is no minimum or maximum number of transactions. You just pay a small charge each time the system processes a payment.

And that’s it. All completely up front and adaptable to suit your needs and much more reasonably priced than similar products on the market that don’t offer the same flexibility.

Sounds interesting? Why not give us a call today to find out more. We’ll be able to give you an immediate quote based on what you tell us.

We’ll be showcasing our PCI Agent TFR system, along with all our other PCI DSS solutions, at next year’s Call & Contact Centre Expo, 27 – 28 March 2019 at Excel London. Find out more and book tickets here.