Covid-19: our solutions to keep your business going when your premises is on lockdown

Thousands of businesses have been thrown into a state of uncertainty with the forced closure of premises as part of the fight against the worldwide spread of the Covid-19 virus. With the duration of lockdown yet to be determined, many businesses are wondering how they can maintain trade and relationships with customers to survive this coronavirus crisis. We want to help if we can. Here are a couple of solutions we can provide that could enable your business to weather the storm and get through these difficult times:

Introduce or improve online payments

If your business doesn’t trade online then now could be a good time to start. Your website is your virtual shop window, keeping customers up to date on your current trading arrangements and providing a channel for them to access your products and services. With the added benefit of being able to interface behind the scenes with stock and CRM databases, our ONLINE card payment solutions offer a smooth and seamless service to the customer and are simple and affordable to install. In addition to this, our 3D-Secure technology means that cardholders are authenticated at the time of the transaction, reducing the possibility of fraudulent card use.

Want to maintain live interaction with your customer? Why not install a webchat function to your site to answer queries and take payments?

Install an IVR facility to your phone line

IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that enables your customers to make enquiries, purchases and payments over the telephone by interacting with an automated system, without the need for a person to answer the call. Because they’re completely automated, IVRs can manage calls to your business 24/7, informing customers of the current status of your business and enabling them to make fast and effective payments for services and products from their home.

Our AUTO IVR solution manages calls by offering a series of prompts and options to direct your customers to exactly the service that they need and enables them to make payments by inputting card details via their phone keypad. Transactions are processed through our secure system, protecting both your business and the customer from the risk of data breach and card fraud. Our AUTO IVR system is simple to install and, being cloud-based, requires no equipment or infrastructure onsite. The bespoke nature of the solution means it can interface seamlessly with other payment channels, such as online, as well as with your database and/or CRM and can be easily amended to suit your business as and when required.


For more information about the above services, visit our Solutions page or get in touch with us on 0330 022 0660 to talk through your requirements. Our solutions all feature the added benefit of being compliant with PCI DSS regulations to a Level 1 standard, protecting your customer and your business with the highest standard of card security. We are here to help businesses continue to provide a service to their customers while lockdown is in place with solutions that are low-cost and flexible to suit the needs of your business, whatever its shape and size.