Does your payment gateway reflect the quality of your products?

We’ve all been there. You find the perfect product or a super service and you commit to making the purchase, only to be connected to a clunky, frustrating and disappointing payment process. It impacts your experience as the customer and makes you question the value and quality of your purchase.

As a business, it’s important to make customers feel looked after from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Why does it matter? Because, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, today’s consumers have high expectations. A positive experience is likely to turn into a return visit in future and generate good word of mouth promotion.

Your payment gateway is the stepping stone between your website/ frontline store or phoneline, and the card payment processor. It plays a key role in authorising the payment and making sure that all the correct data has been entered and then preparing the details to pass on to the processor. So, how can you make sure that this core step in the transaction process reflects the quality of your product?

Seamless consistency is key

As a customer, it’s often noticeable when making a card payment either online or over the phone that you’re being moved between systems – the look and feel completely changes and in some of the worst cases results in questioning whether you’re handing over your card details to a legitimate business! Creating a seamless transaction process, that begins at the point of sale right through to post-payment, with features that are a recognisable as being part of your brand, instils confidence and a positive experience for the customer.

Investing in an omni-channel payment gateway solution – standardising the process across all payment channels – means that customers receive the same standard of service however they access your products and pay by card. Creating consistency is crucial to building brand recognition and ultimately generating brand loyalty moving forward.

Robust and reliable

Looking and feeling consistent might offer reassurance or quality but does the system work? Slow or glitchy payment processing is frustrating for the customer and damaging to a business’ credibility. Just as important is security – ensuring all of your payment gateway channels protect customer card data by complying with guidelines set out in PCI DSS. A swift, secure and reliable service will satisfy clients that their custom is valued and prevent them from looking elsewhere.

At PCI Telecom, we create bespoke card payment gateways for payments made over the phone (to a live operator), via IVR, online and email link. Our solutions can be used solo or as part of an omni-channel mix, creating consistency of service no matter how your customers engage with you. Being bespoke, our payment gateway solutions are created to meet the exact needs of your business and put customer experience at the forefront. Get in touch with us today to find out more and to talk through your requirements.