Hosted telephony solutions

Five ways to beat the competition!

How a hosted telephony solution can give you an advantage over your rivals

What differentiates you from your competitors? Every company needs a competitive edge to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And with consumers more willing to shop around, it’s important to look at all the ways in which you can gain an advantage.

Excellent customer service is one way to distinguish yourselves and for your business part of this could be how you handle calls and take payments over the phone which is where a hosted telephony solution might just be the answer. Here are our five ways that a hosted telephony solution could give your business the edge it needs:

  1. Hosted telephony solutions provide a secure payment process that enables customers to input their card details into a system that is fully compliant with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements. Credit card fraud and cyber crime are hot topics and customers are far more likely to use companies that they know will keep their data safe.
  1. The interaction between the call handler and the card payment software is seamless creating a smooth-not-clunky experience for the customer. The payment process is easy to use and callers don’t know that they’re being passed between a call handler and the secure payment system.
  1. Hosted telephony solutions are flexible and reliable. The call handling process can be easily adapted to suit your business’s requirements and calls can be transferred quickly and easily at busy times so customers are always able to get through to someone.
  1. As the system is hosted on external servers, there is no need for bulky bits of equipment onsite which means that the chance of technical issues arising is a lot lower. If there are any problems, there is dedicated technical support so they get sorted quickly and efficiently ensuring continuity for your operations.
  1. Introducing a hosted telephony system, bespoke for your business, doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Low cost to set up and cheaper ongoing overheads mean you get to keep your prices down, giving you that crucial price advantage over your competitors.

About PCI Agent™

PCI Agent™ is our Level 1 hosted telephony solution which allows callers to enter their own card details whilst staying on the call with a live agent without having to read out sensitive card details or be passed over to a third-party contact centre. PCI Agent™ descopes your business fully from its PCI DSS obligations while at the same time providing a secure payment solution bespoke for your business. And with bonus features such as call recording and real-time statistics for all users, it can play a crucial role in improving customer service levels.

Find out more about PCI Agent™ here.