How your card payment process can help you handle fluctuations in business

We’ve worked with a broad range of clients including visitor attractions, transport providers and retailers so we know that the summer can present a big challenge for businesses, balancing significantly higher than usual call frequency with employees on summer leave. This can be particularly problematic for smaller businesses with fewer resources, experiencing the peaks and troughs of variances in sales and demand more intensely than their larger counterparts.

Investing in the right card payment processing solution can help to manage these fluctuations in business. Here’s how:

Introduce automated over-the-phone card payments

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology enables calls and payments to be dealt with and processed without the involvement of an agent or call handler. The automated call handling system allows customers to select options and move through the payment process independently, entering their card details into a secure transaction environment. For your business, this means that during busy times or when there are fewer staff available, general payments can be directed to the automated process while your attention can move to handling the more detailed enquiries. Most importantly, you keep your customers happy by not putting them on hold for long periods and being able to accept payments at convenient times outside of office hours.

Speed up the payment process

Swift and efficient transactions lead to more satisfied customers but they also improve your business’ productivity by saving time, freeing up staff to focus on other areas of the business. An improved card payment solution which integrates with your other back end systems such as the CRM database and stock monitoring also cuts the number of steps required in the transaction process, in turn improving efficiency and reducing the need for staff involvement.

Adapt to demand by introducing flexible solutions

Opt for card payment solutions that offer flexibility and scalability so that you can handle higher demand during busy periods by adding and removing users as required. This assists with the planning in advance of busy periods to ensure you have the right amount of staff available to manage calls effectively and maintain a positive customer experience.


At PCI Telecom we offer a range of Level 1 accredited PCI DSS compliant card payment solutions that are created to suit the specific needs and requirements of your business. Whether you’re an SME or a larger enterprise, we can provide a solution that works for you and your budget, that fits seamlessly with your existing systems without the need for major infrastructure changes. For more information and to discuss your requirements, get in touch with us here.

More about our PCI DSS compliant card payment solutions:

PCI Agent ™, PCI Agent™ Outbound, PCI Agent™ TFR, PCI Agent™ Advance – whether you’re a one-man-band business, an SME with up to 100 employees or a larger organisation, we have a variety of solutions for card payments made over the phone.

 Auto IVR solutions enable fast, effective payments to be made automatically by callers any time of day without the need to speak to a person or wait in a queue.

Our ONLINE card payment solutions come with EV SSL and 3D-Secure processes as standard so you and your customers can rest easy that personal and payment data is protected throughout the transaction.

 PCI MOBILE™ chip & pin solution means you can take payments from customers in person while out and about and on the move. Fully secure with end-2-end Level 1 accreditation.