IVR Payments

IVR Payments: are the benefits passing you by?

If you haven’t considered installing an IVR payments system before then now might be the time.

As a business owner or manager, you’ll often be faced with the challenging task of sourcing ways to increase productivity and cut costs while maintaining the same high standard of service for your customers. If you haven’t done so already, then introducing an IVR Payments system could be an easy way to achieve all of those things in one go.

IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that enables interaction between humans and computers using voice prompts and/or DTMF tones input via a telephone keypad. For businesses it enables customers to communicate as well as purchase goods and services over the telephone without the need to speak to a live agent. Here at PCI Telecom, we think the list of benefits of installing an IVR payment system is almost endless but here are our highlights:

IVR Payments save your business time…

Our IVR Payment solution, AUTO IVR, is entirely customisable which means that our clients can use a variety of building blocks to create a system that works exactly how they want it to. One of the biggest benefits of IVR Payments is the capacity to integrate with your existing database systems, removing the need to spend hours inputting sales and customer data separately.

And because the system is entirely configured to suit the requirements of your business, you can create bespoke integrations with other business functions, for example online ticket allocation software liaising with box office sales.

…in turn saving you money

Introducing an efficient automated system means you don’t need to pay as many staff hours to do the same job, be it answering enquiries or inputting sales data to generate reports. So you get to invest your profits into improving and developing other areas of the business and promoting your products and services.

It makes it easier for your customers to engage with you

Consumers today lead busy lives. They’re often time-poor and eager to find ways to simplify hectic schedules. Making your business as engaging and accessible as possible is therefore a must. With IVR Payments, customers can communicate with your business using one standard telephone number and purchase products out of hours or be diverted to an automated service during busy periods so they can always achieve their purpose for getting in touch. They’ll be less likely to go to alternative suppliers giving you that increasingly important competitive edge.

And it’s not just about always being available. Integrating IVR Payments with behind-the-scenes CRM systems means that you can create a bespoke service to existing customers, with menus tailored to their needs based on previous purchases or using stored data to complete orders without the need for them to re-enter information each time.

IVR Payments strengthen your PCI DSS compliance

Because there is no human element involved in the interaction with the customer when using IVR Payments, you remove many of the risks and stresses associated with ensuring that members of staff are upholding compliance requirements. PCI Telecom’s AUTO IVR Payment solution is entirely compliant with PCI DSS guidelines, accredited to a Level 1 standard. Our hosted, cloud-based AUTO IVR captures, processes and stores payment information with full encryption meaning that no human error will lead to a breach.

So what are you waiting for? What could be better than a system that makes your business more efficient AND saves you money at the same time?

For more detail on how the AUTO IVR Payment system works including ideas on the different ways that it can be used, view our IVR Payments with AUTO IVR brochure here or get in touch for more information.