IVR Payments

You can use our advanced cloud-based IVR Payments platform to capture, integrate and process PCI DSS card payment information without the need for an agent.

Our IVR Payment solutions can link directly with a customer’s database or CRM. This can either be hosted within your own environment or on our secure servers. IVR Payments from PCI Telecom, de-scope PCI DSS requirements for any business type by securely storing all captured data in our Level 1 accredited gateway. Even call recordings can be split and seamlessly re-attached in real-time to remove all sensitive data and provide a single recording file. Enabling a customer to gain self-assessment PCI DSS accreditation at SAQ-A level.

Multiple payment channels such as PCI AGENT™, ONLINE & PCI MOBILE™ are constantly aware of what each solution is processing, cleverly ensuring that no duplications are made.

Flexibility at its core…

Real-time billing & call reporting is available on the same platform as your IVR Payments configuration. This is unique to the PCI Telecom network and provides outstanding account management functionality. This gives businesses the opportunity to monitor calls and payments at the same time, highlighting all your operating costs, strengths and areas of opportunity.

Customer’s can either use professional recordings or upload and manage their own scripts independently. The dynamic nature of IVR Payments empowers businesses to take control of their payment gateways.

Pricing structure

A hosted IVR Payment system from PCI Telecom lowers a businesses overheads. In addition, an easy to follow pricing structure is key to the success of IVR Payments for a customers’ Finance Department. Unlike out-dated hardware solutions, IVR payment systems are provided on a system requirement basis. This means a customer never pays more than they need to.

> Low capital investment
> Low operating costs
> High-level service

Using PCI Telecom as your PSP (payment service provider), card processing charges are only ever applicable to successful transactions. Uniquely, PCI Telecom do not charge for declined, chargebacks or refunds.

Trust us

Our skilled technical engineers can create an effective, customer centric, telephony payment solution that is unrivalled in the market.

IVR Payments & Web Solution

Using PCI Telecom as an omnichannel provider enhances a customer’s working practice – as evidenced in our Merseyrail case study

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Looking for inspiration?!

You can view & download our IVR Payments with AUTO IVR brochure for more information on our unique solutions and PCI DSS de-scoping options.

The key benefits of IVR Payments

  • Flexible configuration options

  • No hardware infrastructure changes

  • Easy to navigate bill payments

  • Fully cloud-based hosted solution

  • No depreciation costs

  • PCI DSS Level 1 accredited

  • Secure database integration

  • Real-time report generation