Over-the-phone card payments SMEs

PCI Telecom launches new over-the-phone card payment solution especially for SMEs

Being put on hold or being passed between different departments are some of the biggest bugbears for 21st century consumers. But for businesses, especially SMEs, managing incoming calls and taking card payments over the phone creates all sorts of challenges and risks. ‘Card not present’ (or CNP) payments involve a much higher chance of fraud compared to in-store transactions so getting the right system in place is crucial when it comes to maintaining data security and PCI DSS compliance while at the same time keeping the customer happy.

Which is why we’re so excited to launch our brand new, revolutionary PCI Agent TFR solution. Gone are the days of expensive and arduous over-the-phone card transactions. Created especially for SMEs, PCI Agent TFR paves the way for businesses to introduce a PCI DSS compliant, live operator, card payment solution that works for both the company and the customer without costing the earth.

How does it work?

Designed for businesses with up to 100 operators with individual DDIs (Direct Dial In numbers), the PCI Agent TFR solution enables customers to input their card details via their telephone keypad into a secure system while remaining on the line to the live operator, with no need to interrupt the call or be transferred to a third party contact centre. The process is quick and easy and entirely secure.

Watch our short video on how the system works from the operator’s perspective here.

What are the benefits for SMEs?

Entirely hosted off site

The system is hosted by us so doesn’t require any intrusive bits of equipment to be installed on site. This makes it easy to maintain and tweak as and when required and there’s no need to arrange for engineers to visit when you want to make changes.

Cost effective

We know that for small businesses, keeping costs to a minimum is important. No expensive bits of equipment mean set up charges remain low. There are no additional call charges or costs for modifications such as call recording and we also maintain low monthly agent license and ‘secure mode’ transaction charges.

PCI DSS compliant to Level 1 standard

The card payment process is totally secure and adheres to PCI DSS compliance regulations at a Level 1 standard. The operator hears no DTMF tones when card details are being inputted and card numbers don’t appear on the screen, keeping the data entirely hidden and encrypted on a cloud based server.

Smooth interaction with the customer

Customers stay in control, inputting their own card details so there’s no need for them to read sensitive information out loud, reducing the risk of their details being syphoned. Data security means a lot to today’s customer so enabling them to pay in a safe and secure environment can give you that competitive edge over your competitors.

Flexible to fit in with the needs of your business

We’re a small business too so we understand that sometimes an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution doesn’t always tick all the boxes. We can create a card payment solution that fits in with all your business’s needs while at the same time still maintaining that PCI DSS Level 1 accredited standard. You get to keep your existing telephone numbers and the system can be tweaked to add new features – such as call recording – at any time.

This new solution sits amongst our other three PCI Agent solutions, designed to cover the needs of all types of business – PCI Agent, PCI Agent Outbound and PCI Agent Advance. Find out more about these along with our other PCI DSS card payment solutions here.