PCI Telecom acquisition of RealCredit

PCI Telecom is pleased to announce our forthcoming acquisition of RealCredit^, a Level 1 PCI DSS accredited payment service provider specialising in bespoke, value-add payment solutions.

The official date for the change of ownership is 4th January 2022.

PCI Telecom is an established, ambitious UK telephony specialist, delivering bespoke solutions to businesses across all markets. Since 2015, our small, experienced team has been quick to impress upon the market. Bringing in businesses big and small, our reputation has spread. Passionate about bringing a change to our sector, we can see that there is room for a new kind of business, where the client has choice, flexibility, and scope to grow as their company does.

With the help of RealCredit, over the last 6 years we have been able to identify ways of simplifying and securing card payments by removing human error. Taking the headache out of accepting and processing card transactions by masking and hiding the card details, removing the security risk, and complying with PCI DSS.

Acquiring RealCredit has been a goal for PCI Telecom for some time, to streamline our approach and enhance our opportunities within the market.

Both organisations have key interests in telephony and card processing. PCI Telecom being a telephony development specialist and RealCredit being a payment service provider underpinning many of the solutions derived from end-clients of PCI Telecom. There is a natural synergy between both organisations and PCI Telecom look forward to working with RealCredit end-clients and providing a high-level of customer support and wealth of knowledge.

We will be contacting all customers in the New Year to introduce ourselves personally and to better understand how we can assist you going forward.

We are thrilled to continue doing business with you and appreciate your continued partnership.


^RealCredit is the trading name of BCH (Bristol) Ltd