As the channels of engagement between businesses and their customers changes all the time, obtaining card details via omnichannel streams such as live chat, web chat, SMS or social media can highlight gaps in PCI DSS strategy. How can you provide the customer with the most efficient method to pay without asking them to use something different?

With our hosted PCI WebChat™ solution, your customers will benefit from a secure and unique transactional environment where they remain engaged with an agent from beginning to end. Your agents can efficiently process attended payments and your customers can be reassured that a no point did their sensitive card data become vulnerable to middle-man attacks.

During a live chat, web chat, SMS or social media engagement with a customer, the agent launches the PCI WebChat™ solution to populate the payment details (these can be pre-populated by CRM integration).

After entering the amount, transaction reference and any additional client discretionary data, they generate a unique and secure payment URL link which they can then provide to the customer. The customer, clicking on the link, is taken through to the PCI DSS Level 1 accredited site to make their payment. A new secure chat window is also embedded into the window so that the customer and agent can continue to ‘chat’ whilst making a payment. This removes all data breach risk and all conversations in this window are not held in line with GDPR and PCI DSS compliance regulations.

The agent cannot see the details being entered but is made aware in real-time what the customer is doing and how they are progressing with their payment. The image within the orange window on-screen shows an entry-level view with no branding or white labeling.

We’ll only ever pass on processing charges for successful transactions (no charge for declined, chargebacks or refunds).

PCI WebChat™ - Operator View
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • No PAN exposure
  • No need to ‘change’ engagement with customer
  • Improved conversion rates

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The key benefits of our PCI WEBCHAT™ solution

  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant

  • Hosted solution with no depreciation costs

  • Systematic software updates in-line with regulatory changes

  • No infrastructure changes

  • Securing omnichannel transaction streams

  • No PAN exposure

  • Dedicated technical account management

  • Competitive processing charges