Revisit your PCI DSS compliance this European Cyber Security Month

Despite what we see in the shops, October isn’t just about the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween. Perhaps not as exciting for the kids but, for some, a scary topic nonetheless, October also plays host to the annual European Cyber Security Month generating awareness and promoting the importance of information security.

PCI DSS compliance plays a crucial role in cyber security, designed to ensure that card payments taken face-to-face, over-the-phone and online are done so in the most secure environment possible. It applies to any organisation that accepts card payments regardless of size or industry, with varying requirements depending on the number and frequency of transactions and includes implementing and maintaining secure networks, regular monitoring and testing of systems to identify possible weaknesses and developing an effective information security policy.

So, this European Cyber Security Month we thought we’d remind you of our top three reasons your business should be addressing and keeping on top of its PCI DSS compliance.

Earn and maintain customer trust

Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to businesses protecting their data; more so as high-profile cases of data breaches hit the headlines. Investing in processes and practices that are up to date and adhere to the latest PCI DSS guidelines demonstrates that you’re on top of data protection and take your card payment security seriously. Gaining trust from your customers will ensure they return to you in future, rewarding you that much sought-after edge over your competitors.

Protect your business from card fraud and hefty fines

PCI DSS isn’t just about protecting the consumer during the transaction process. It also seeks to shield the business from card fraudsters and reduce the risk of your networks falling victim to cyber criminals too.

As well as this, it’s worth noting that should your business suffer a data breach, not having sufficient data protection and IT security in place will undoubtedly result in a substantial fine and, in many ways worse, significant reputational damage to your business.

Be part of the global force against cyber crime

No IT system or network is ever going to be considered 100% secure from cyber criminals as their techniques become progressively sophisticated. Data protection and PCI DSS compliance is designed to stay one step ahead of the hackers, creating barriers to make their target much harder to reach. Every business has a responsibility to take their data security seriously and to invest in adequate processes and by doing so, they play their vital role in combatting cyber crime.


At PCI Telecom, we deliver bespoke card payment solutions that have PCI DSS Level 1 accreditation for payments made over the phone and online. Outsourcing your card payment processing offsite to us de-scopes your business from its PCI compliance obligations so it’s us that do the planning, maintenance, updates and regular checks and not you. Contact us for more information.