Could PCI Webchat be the missing piece of your card payment puzzle?

Are you looking for ways to expand your reach to customers without having to invest heavily in equipment or extra resources? Or maybe you’re considering ways to maintain customer engagement when your staff are mixing office and remote working? Whatever your current conundrum, PCI Webchat could be the solution that you’re looking for.

The development of online payment technology over the last two decades has changed the way that consumers shop, but for some customers, particularly when buying goods or services that are complicated by nature, the lack of human interaction, can be barrier. PCI Webchat allows customers the convenience of paying online while receiving a personalised, tailored service and communication with a live representative of the business, enabling them to ask questions and receive the reassurance they need.

How does PCI Webchat work?

The PCI Webchat solution is super easy. After engaging with the customer via live chat, the agent simply launches the PCI Webchat solution and populates it with the sales information (or this can be pre-populated by your CRM). The system then generates a unique URL that can be sent to the customer, into which they enter their card details for the payment to be processed quickly and securely. A new encrypted chat window opens so that the customer and agent can continue to ‘chat’ whilst the payment goes through, maintaining live interaction and personalised service throughout.

And it’s not just over standard webchat that this solution can be used.  Agents can use the same method to engage and send payment links via SMS as well as social media, further expanding reach to even more customers.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are many! Firstly, because PCI Webchat utilises your business’ existing website and our cloud-based processing software, there’s no need for additional equipment so the cost outlay remains low. And while staff resource is required to monitor the live chat function, the system enables multiple payments to be processed quickly, effectively and efficiently, improving productivity and saving money in the long run.

As customers remain in contact with the sales representative from the beginning to the end of the transaction, a high standard of customer service can be maintained throughout. This helps to improve the rates of conversion from enquiries through to sales and ensures that customer satisfaction remains high, increasing the possibility of return custom further down the line.

Most importantly, our PCI Webchat, like all of our solutions, is fully compliant with PCI DSS to a Level 1 standard so you and your customers can rest in the knowledge that card payment data is protected. Card details remain hidden from the agent’s view and are processed through our system with end-to-end encryption. PCI Webchat interfaces seamlessly and securely with other payment channels as well as with back-end systems such as stock monitoring and your CRM.

If you’d like to know more about our PCI Webchat solution, or any other of our card payment processing solutions, please do get in touch. Our card payment processing systems are built on a bespoke basis to suit the needs of businesses regardless of their type and size and our clients to date have represented a range of sectors, from tourist attractions and retailers to train companies and insurance brokers.