How choosing the right card payment gateway can help reduce your operating costs

In a period of uncertainty, when costs are rising and businesses are facing extra pressure, every penny counts. Even the smallest increase in revenue or cost cutting can impact company profitability. The good news is that large-scale company overhaul isn’t necessary. It’s often simple, common sense steps that improve the bottom line, especially for small businesses.

While forking out on new systems and processes might seem like unnecessary spend right now, investing in an effective card payment gateway and processing solution could be just what you need to cut your operating costs, boost productivity and save money in the long run. And PCI Telecom can help you do just that – here’s how:

  • Bespoke – we create our payment gateway platforms from scratch to suit the exact needs of our clients. While many of our competitors provide all-singing-all-dancing systems off the shelf, with us you only pay for the elements you need without unnecessary and costly extras.
  • Reliable – our solutions accept card payments swiftly and effectively, so your team can process more transactions.
  • Secure – our solutions process payments securely, masking card data as it is entered and cutting the risk of your business falling victim to card fraud. Being compliant with PCI DSS, you not only benefit from a simplified transaction process, but also from descoping your business of its compliance obligations and passing that responsibility to us, saving you time and staff resource.
  • Compatible and flexible – our solutions work alongside all Payment Service Providers (PSPs) so you can shop around for the best option for you. Alternatively, you can benefit from our partnership with Opayo with a deal that suits your exact needs and budget.
  • Small business – we are a small business too so we benefit from lower overheads, passing on these cost savings to our customers by keeping our prices low.

At PCI Telecom, we create card payment gateways for payments made over the phone (both to a live operator or via automated IVR), online and link payments (via email, social media or webchat) with the flexibility to be used independently or as part of an omnichannel payment suite. Visit our Solutions page for more information or alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements.