Our Solutions

Our aim at PCI Telecom is to efficiently assist and descope business’ PCI DSS Compliance by re-connecting any broken ‘links in the chain’ and providing assurance where it’s most needed.

Our PCI AGENT™ solution enables inbound callers to efficiently pay you whilst at the same time being provided with a fully Level 1 PCI DSS environment in which to do so. Removing all risk from your live operator business processes and improving your overall reputation.

AUTO IVR solutions enable fast, effective payments to be made automatically by callers without the need to speak to a person or wait in a queue. Our real-time call and card processing logs also enable you to monitor your operating costs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

ONLINE payment solutions are vital for many businesses. Ensuring both PCI DSS compliance and data transferring is secure requires expert knowledge and implementation. We are experts in online payment card solutions with EV SSL and 3D-Secure processes as standard for all our customers.

Our PCI MOBILE™ chip & pin solution with end-2-end Level 1 accreditation is also now available. We believe this will is a valuable addition to our current portfolio of mobile payment channels and mobilisation applications.

All of our Level 1 card processing solutions are multi-currency, with specialism in Sterling (£), Euro (є) and US Dollar ($). For more information on any of our PCI DSS payment solutions please choose an icon or select from the drop-down menu. Alternatively please call 0330 022 0660 to speak to someone in more detail about your requirements.

What happens if we don’t comply with PCI DSS?

Failure to meet the standard leaves you with potential fines of up to £50,000 per infringement. Your business could be identified as having suffered a breach of card and customer data or be reported to PCI SSC, by any number of stakeholders, leading to an invasive forensic investigation into your compliance.

You will be liable for the full cost of a forensic investigation (often running into thousands of pounds) should you be found to have fallen short of PCI DSS or had an actual data breach. As well as the damage this causes to your reputation, the financial costs are significant, with many non-compliant merchants going into liquidation. Worse still, if the investigation finds a serious breach, your business could be barred from the card acceptance programme altogether.