What is PCI Agent™

Our hosted Level 1 solution allows callers to enter their own card details whilst staying on the call with a live agent. Call recording options are available for all PCI Agent™ users with both inbound and outbound calls. Hassle free and 100% fully Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Obtaining card details over the phone between customers and agents can be a real PCI DSS headache for many businesses. How can you ensure the information is not being siphoned, thus exposing your business to hefty fines or an expensive PCI Forensic Investigation?

Descoping is the answer! You don’t even have to send your calls to a third party contact centre or have intrusive hardware installations on-site. You can de-scope your business from the requirements of PCI DSS and still take live payments from customers wanting to speak to someone at the organisation they’ve called.

    • What business procedures do you use/take credit or debit cards?
    • Where is the payment card data stored?
    • How is it accessed and by whom?
    • What are the protocols used to gain payment card data?
    • Is there support and awareness from your senior leadership team?
    • Is leadership fully aware of the contractual responsibility for securing payment card data?
    • Are control owners assigned to each PCI control and do control owners understand their role in ensuring that the controls operate effectively?
    • Do written procedures exist for managing all control processes outlined within PCI-DSS?
    • Should we descope our PCI DSS requirements and use third party software or services?
    • Are we sure we’re compliant?

What is PCI Descoping?

With our hosted ‘PCI Agent™’ solution, your customers will benefit from a secure and unique transactional environment where they remain on the call, entering their own information, without being passed over to a separate payment IVR and (if required) recording the calls in a fully PCI DSS compliant environment. This improves customer experience and delivers reputational advantage for your business. Your agents can efficiently take live payments over the phone and your customers can be re-assured that at no point did they have to read out sensitive card payment information.

Our PCI Agent™ solution is available in 4 instances;

    • PCI Agent™ Outbound – our straightforward ‘outbound only’ offering
    • PCI Agent™ – our specially designed ‘single line/one-man-band’ option for either DDI’s or extensions
    • PCI Agent™ TFR – our revolutionary product for SME’s with up to 100 operators and individual DDI’s
    • PCI Agent™ Advance – our bespoke fully integrated corporate solution

All solutions are hosted in the cloud; have PCI DSS Level 1 accreditation, can be linked instantly to over 15 payment service providers and give the option to pre-pay bundles of transactions to save money and give you more control over your account. You can use your current telephone number(s) should you wish and add PCI call recording even if you’ve not had this feature enabled previously. It makes descoping very straightforward and easy to initiate.

We’ve made our pricing straightforward too; with a low setup charge, monthly agent license charges and ‘secure mode’ transaction charges. There are no additional call charges, telephony costs, seperate license charges or call recording charges.

PCI Agent™ TFR

Our latest addition to the PCI Agent™ portfolio.

A fully PCI DSS, Level 1 compliant solution aimed at SME’s needing to secure their ‘live operator’ payments.

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Fully descoped

Find out about PCI DSS solutions by downloading our guide today!

The key benefits of PCI AGENT™

  • Full descoping from PCI DSS requirements for live agent telephone payments

  • Easy to use interface for agents to guide callers through a transaction

  • Optional payment plan facility

  • A hosted solution benefiting from no depreciation costs and end-of-life exposure

  • Disaster Recovery options to ensure continuity

  • PCI DSS Level One accreditation

  • No intrusive hardware configurations on-site

  • Dedicated technical account management

  • Standard IVR with routing plans, skill-based routing, call recording and call-back services included

  • Competitive processing charges