Mobile Solutions

As consumers move increasingly closer to a ‘total mobile environment’, the risks surrounding card payment information and its potential vulnerability on mobile devices is becoming a big concern for businesses wishing to engage with this market opportunity.

PCI Telecom has a set of mobile frameworks designed to rapidly develop and deploy applications to assist in the processing of payments, integration with back-end systems, mobilising the workforce and providing real-time information ‘in the field’ (often thought impossible in the past).

PCI Mobile™ – Chip and Pin mobile payment solution

We now have a fully certified end-2-end mobile chip and pin solution within our PCI DSS Level 1 accredited platform. Working closely with Barclays and VISA, our technical team (working alongside our strategic mobile partner) have developed our highly accredited solution PCI Mobile™.

If your business is looking for a mobilisation solution, or more specifically a Chip & Pin mobile payment solution, please register your details on our Contact page where a member of our MOBILE team will contact you with more information closer to the launch date.

As with all our payment solutions, we’ll only ever pass on processing charges for successful transactions (no charge for declined, chargebacks or refunds).

Find out about PCI DSS with our guide and solutions

The key benefits of our MOBILE solutions

  • PCI DSS Level One accreditation

  • Opportunity to encourage customer growth via new channels

  • No depreciation costs

  • Dedicated technical account management

  • Competitive processing charges