As consumers move increasingly closer to a total mobile environment, the risks surrounding sensitive card data and its vulnerability on mobile devices is a big concern for businesses wishing to engage with this market opportunity.

Our new PCI MOBILE™ standalone EPOS application interfaces with the Miura M020 pin-entry-device (PED) and our PSP network. The application runs on all Android mobiles and tablets with an iOS version coming in 2021. It communicates and controls the PED via an encrypted Bluetooth connection giving you peace of mind for any mobile payments – it’s been accredited to PCI DSS Level 1 too! You also don’t need a printer with our new solution! If a customer aks for proof of the transaction you can simply send them a receipt via Email or SMS.

Perfect for the customer, your printing and hardware costs and (best of all) the environment!

If your business is looking for a mobilisation solution, or more specifically a Chip and Pin mobile payment solution, our new PCI MOBILE™ solution is the perfect fit with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. We also know that 2020 has not been an easy year for many businesses, so we are offering this solution as a service… with zero CAPEX costs.

The PCI MOBILE™ app, Miura M020 PED (plus any required accessories) and the integration with your merchant account* will be offered FREE OF CHARGE. You then simply pay a monthly rental for each PED plus our very lowest transaction rates to help get your business processing mobile payments in the future.

As with all our payment solutions, we’ll only ever pass on processing charges for successful transactions (no charge for declined, chargebacks or refunds).

*Barclays merchant account required

Find out more about our Level 1 PCI DSS solutions

The key benefits of our PCI MOBILE™ solutions

  • Zero CAPEX costs

  • Level 1 PCI DSS accreditation

  • Small, lightweight PED for easy use

  • Systematic software updates in-line with regulatory changes

  • No infrastructure changes

  • Send receipts via Email or SMS

  • No PAN exposure

  • Dedicated technical account management

  • Competitive processing charges

  • Perfect for field agents taking payments on the move