PCI Telecom reasons to descope you business from PCI DSS

Three reasons why it makes sense to descope your business from PCI DSS

The management of your PCI DSS compliance can be daunting, especially if you don’t understand the regulations and how to implement them. Read on to discover three HUGE benefits to descoping your business and outsourcing PCI DSS compliance to a third party.

1. It removes the responsibility of nearly all PCI DSS requirements from your business onto someone else.

The level of PCI DSS requirements that you should meet will depend on the volume of card transactions your business processes each year but the regulations and their requirements are evolving all the time. For some small and medium size businesses this creates a huge challenge to stay on top of. The easiest way to do so is to pass the responsibility over to a third party provider or solution, making the responsibility of PCI DSS compliance a much smaller consideration, and in turn making it easier for you to re-focus on what really matters to your business and your customers.

2. Reduces the overheads associated with managing PCI DSS compliance

‘Many organizations treat compliance as a one-time, annual event. But only focusing on an annual compliance assessment can create a false sense of security.’ (PCI Security Standards Council, LLC, 2006-2016)

To be compliant, your business must demonstrate an ongoing level of security awareness. In other words, it isn’t a one-off task but a project that needs constant attention. Sounds like a job in itself, doesn’t it? Taking on a new member of staff to manage PCI DSS compliance can increase your overheads significantly and we know that finding an employee with spare time and/or an understanding of the PCI DSS often isn’t easy. Outsourcing the responsibility to a third party provider takes away the stress and doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

3. Your customers’ data is protected, along with your brand

Failing to comply with PCI DSS can result in a hefty fine but even worse, it can cause irreversible damage to your business’s reputation and brand. Your customers trust you to protect their payment details but once this trust has been damaged, it can be hard to get back. Here at PCI Telecom, our hosted telephone and online card processing platform has an accredited Level One certification for PCI DSS which means we comply with all the PCI DSS requirements at the highest standard. Customer payment details remain encrypted so neither us nor your staff ever see the card details being inputted.

About PCI Telecom

PCI Telecom provides an outsourced, fully accredited (Level 1) phone and online card processing platform to descope your business from its PCI DSS responsibilities leaving you to focus on delivering your product to your customer. Our PCI AGENT solution is hosted in the cloud, is easy to set up and fully integrates with your system so the customer experience is completely seamless. Plus, our 3D-secure online payment solution reduces the possibility of fraudulent card use by authenticating the cardholder at the actual time of the transaction and creates a liability shift from your business to the acquiring bank.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and high quality customer service. If you have any queries about descoping your business of PCI DSS and outsourcing your card payment systems, please do get in touch.