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Try keeping it simple. Are seemingly complex systems putting you off addressing your PCI DSS compliance?

One of the most common themes that came up from speaking to business owners, contact centre consultants and managers at this year’s Call & Contact Centre Expo was the need for simplicity. For many, finding a card payment solution that works for their business while at the same time addressing ever-changing PCI DSS compliance obligations, can seem like an impossible task. Research into options uncover many all-singing-all-dancing products which, while they can be appealing, come with a high price tag and an added level of complexity which for many businesses is completely unnecessary.

Here at PCI Telecom, we aim to deliver card payment processing systems that are affordable, effective and reliable. Our focus is to provide solutions that actually work for your business and your customers as well as addressing your PCI compliance so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And we strongly believe in keeping things simple. Here’s how.

Simple to install

Because our solutions are cloud-based, they can be created and installed quickly and easily with no need for intrusive bits of equipment nor major disruption to your service delivery. All of our solutions are created from scratch to meet the exact requirements of your business, either as a stand-alone service or integrating with your CRM and database software, so you don’t pay for any extras that you don’t need.

Simple to use

Our PCI Agent attended solutions are super easy to use both for the agent as well as the customer. Take our revolutionary PCI Agent TFR product. At the point of payment, the operator simply clicks on the PCI Telecom icon on their screen and advises the customer that they are being transferred to secure mode. The same call is then re-connected via PCI Telecom and the customer is prompted to enter their card details. At no point does the operator see the card number as they appear encrypted on the screen nor do they hear DTMF tones. It’s as simple as that AND it also means that the operators are removed entirely from PCI DSS compliance scope so you tick that box too.
From the customers’ perspective, they benefit from moving seamlessly to a secure and unique transaction environment, remaining on the line to the agent, entering their own information via their telephone keypad without needing to read aloud personal data or be passed over to an unattended automated IVR. This reassuringly smooth process adds to their overall experience meaning they’re more likely to buy from you again in future.

Simple to update

We know that businesses are changing all the time. Whether it’s steady growth or intense busy periods, you want to know that your processes are able to adjust with demand. That’s why we make sure that our card payment solutions are flexible so that you’re always able to deliver a high quality level of service to your customer. Our services are all accredited to the latest PCI DSS Level 1 standard, keeping your customer data secure and protecting you from the risks associated with a data breach.

To find out more about our PCI Agent attended solutions as well as our unattended solutions such as AUTO IVR and ONLINE, visit our Solutions page. Alternatively, you can get in touch here.